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Dirty and cleaned wall

Soft washing services throughout Northern Ireland

When you need effective exterior cleaning that is gentle yet effective, contact the highly skilled cleaning team at NII Clean and opt for our soft washing services.

Low pressure soft washing techniques that are effective yet gentle and give long lasting results

At NII Clean we know our chemicals and we use them accordingly to get maximum cleaning results for any domestic or commercial property

The term 'Soft Washing' refers to the use of low-pressure cleaning methods that can be used when pressure washing isn't appropriate. Sometimes using high powered jets can be too harsh on the materials being cleaned. Sometimes using water just doesn't cut it when it comes to the superior stain-removal results needed for property exteriors. That is where soft washing from NII Clean, comes in! Our team are specialists in combining low pressure cleaning techniques with balanced, safe chemicals and getting clear, immaculate results in a short space of time. We are based in Coleraine and provide our soft washing services throughout all of Ireland. Get in touch to find out more and get your free quote today. 

Dirty wall


Cleaned wall


Soft Washing has several advantages over pressure washing

Chemical stain remover lasts longer.

It is gentle on surfaces that could be damaged by high pressure.

It removes staining that pressure washing simply cannot remove.

Trust the team at NII Clean to remove stains that others can't

Soft Washing is generally used on green, red and black staining caused by moss, mildew, algae and dirt. Most staining can be removed within 24 hours.

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Make the outside of your property look clean, fresh and new with the help of our expert cleaning team

We are proud of our reputation as one of Ireland's premier cleaning companies and we are the go-to destination for many other individuals and companies within the cleaning trade. We offer a range of services that include roof cleaning, window cleaning, uPVC cleaning and more. We also have a fully stocked trade counter and online shop.

We just had our roof cleaned and the boys did a very good job.

They are very polite and very tidy. NII Clean is very easy to contact. And if any questions Mark easily answers. Would highly recommend. Thank you very much.

Jing Abunda

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The NII Clean showroom is located on Bushmills Road in Coleraine. We welcome local customers that are both private or in the cleaning trade themselves and we also supply online to customers throughout Ireland. We are stockists for PdPro. Streamline Systems & CBD pressure Washers, take a look at some of our featured stock below.

Contact the soft washing specialists at NII Clean

We are one of Ireland's premier cleaning companies and are on hand to offer information, advice and free quotes. Why wait? Get in touch today to find out just how great your property can look with the right cleaning service.

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