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Versatile Professional Gutter Cleaning system with up to 40ft of reach. 

With two powerful motors, the mid-range skyVac™ Commercial 75 is ideal for everyday professional gutter cleaning.  Lightweight high reach poles allow easy access over obstacles such as garages or conservatories.

This kit is available with 4 poles (20ft), 6 poles (30ft) or 8 poles (40ft) of reach

Included as Standard in Each Kit:

  • Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum

  • Carbon fibre poles: 1.5 metres long

  • 6 metres of flexi pick up hose (50mm diameter)

  • Crevice end tool for accessing gutters in tight gaps 

  • Steel dirt breaker for reducing gutter debris into smaller pieces for removal 

  • Tapered end tool for accessing small gaps 

  • Daily end tool for general gutter cleaning

  • Long end tool for greater reach for hard to access gutters and down pipes 

  • 135 degree blue flexi neck tool holder

  • 180 degree blue flexi neck tool holder

  • Pole and accessory carrying bag

SkyVac™ Commercial 75 System

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