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For Gardiner & OVA8 poles (please select which pole you need kit to fit)

Full Scraping head with 26 blade set, 1 wire brush and 1 nylon brush, 1 nylon blade included 


Small Nylon Blade
Marley Ludlow Major Blade
Marley Pan-Tile Blade
Anchor Bold Roll Blade
Redland 49S Blade
Marley Double Roman Blade

Small Stainless Blade
Large Stainless flat Blade
Norfolk Pan-Tile Blade
Redland Renown Blade
Uni Angle Ridge Blade
Marley Modern Ridge Blade
⅓ Hip Blade
½ Round Ridge Blade
Delta Blade
Essex Pan-Tile Blade
Redland Grovebury Blade
Russell Double Roman Blade
Marley Mendip Blade
Marley Ludlow Plus Blade
Redland Regent Blade
Marley Anglia Blade
Marley Wessex Blade
Landmark Double Pan Tile Blade
Marley Ludlow Major XL Blade
Large 290 mm Nylon Blade
BMI Redland 50 Blade
Marley Ludlow Plus XL
Redland 49 XL

Wire brush 

Nylon brush 

Nylon blade

NII Roof Scraping Kits 29PCS

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