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This versatile machine is designed to tackle any cleaning task with a selection of nozzles for different spray patterns and an adjustable pressure regulator, to help you clean those hard to reach areas!

Manufactured with a Honda or Loncin engine and fitted with the extremely reliable Comet MC18 Viton seal pump, delivering 11 LPM at a maximum pressure of 15 Bar, this machine makes light work of applying harsh chemicals such as detergents and acids.

The most portable engine driven acid sprayer on the market!

Key Features:

  • 15 BAR – 218 PSI
  • 11 LPM
  • Comet MC18-Acid pump – viton seals
  • Honda GX120 / Loncin H135 with oil alert
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • Powder-coated carry frame
  • Stainless steel spray lance
  • 0°, 15° & 25° QR nozzles
  • 30m acid resist delivery hose
  • 3m heavy duty suction hose & filter
  • Return to tank bypass

Honda GX160 + MC18 Acid Pump Viton Seals Carry Frame + 30m Reel

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