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A complete Window Cleaning Trolley built with a robust frame & high-quality components. This trolley is industrious and suited to any form of domestic or commercial Window Cleaning. 

The FaceLift® Trojan Trolley comes with an optional 40 litre or 60 litre tank, and with the option of having the trolley purify the water as it's used (DI Filtration). If opting for the 60 Litre version of this trolley, there is also the choice of a built-in hose reel complete with 30 metres of 8mm hose. 

Trolley Includes:

  • 40 or 60L tank with a lifetime guarantee

  • 12V 100psi Pump

  • Optional onboard DI vessel to purify as you clean!

  • Sealed 22Ah gel battery

  • FaceLift digital Flow Controller

  • Pneumatic tyres

  • Robust, powder coated frame

  • Optional built-in hose reel with 8mm hose

*Please note, the leisure battery provided with Window Cleaning Systems will need to be maintained appropriately*

FaceLift® Trojan Trolley

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