Introducing The FaceLift® Osmo-Compact 725 Van Mounted System

The FaceLift Osmo-Compact 725 systems are designed as a simple introduction to Pure Water Window Cleaning as a double operator system. The Osmo-Compact & Compact style systems are currently our best-selling van mounted system.

With built-in hose reels and a compact footprint, the Osmo-Compact 725 systems are a perfect fit for mid-large sized vehicles such as the Ford Transit Custom, Renault Trafic, etc. These are common examples, however, please check the available space & payload in your vehicle prior to purchasing.

Commonly the system of choice for two-man Window Cleaning Businesses, the Osmo-Compact 725 systems come with optional filtration & powered hose reels.

Included with the FaceLift® Osmo-Compact 725 Litre:

  • 2 x Proloc Hose Reels Complete with 100M Hose
  • 2 x 100psi Aqutec Pumps
  • 2 x WCW Digital Flow Controllers
  • High Power Lead-Acid Leisure Battery 
  • Installation Kit
  • Optional upgrade to Powered Hose Reel(s)


Delivery Only Options

These models do not include any means to purify water, making them perfect as an option for those that use a static purification unit, or who fill up from pure water filling stations.

DI Filtration Option

These models