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The Original BE 20" Whirlaway Rotary Surface Cleaner makes it quick and easy for the operator to clean walkways, patios, decks, driveways, pavements, and parking areas. This surface cleaner contains steel two arm rotary bar and a polypropylene cover that keeps spray away from the operator. Its rotary head maximizes performance, minimising cleaning time by up to 60%. Ideal for professionals


  • 2 nozzle spray arm, great for all flat floor surfaces
  • Quick and easy cleaning with easy-trigger gun
  • Rotary head contributes to optimal performance
  • Maximum Flow Rate (L/min) 30
  • Minimum Flow Rate (L/min) 9.5
  • Nylon brush skirt minimizes overspray without compromising smooth hovering action
  • Polypropylene cover is lightweight and durable spraying water away from operator

BE 20" Polypropylene Surface Cleaner

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